Living downtown, in Yaletown, is certainly a dog lover's paradise. There are tonnes of dogs from the very small (and somewhat ridiculous) to the extremely large that it would seem that one would need a permit to own one of that size. My office too is a dog friendly one, and each day of the week there is a different dog working with us. There's Charlie, Sasha, Nutmeg, Nikita and Hiram, each with their distinct personalities that make them more loveable.

I've always wanted a dog in my adult life, however I know how much responsibility it is -- I mean I can't even take care of myself sometimes! So one way to satisfy the desire is that I sometimes volunteer to dog sit. This week, Hiram has been staying with me. Just over a year old, he's a big clumsy lug that is still really a puppy at heart. A very well behaved, well trained Golden Retriever, he's a supermodel (read: gorgeous) that has funny quirks, like how he just loves ice-cubes like they are 't-r-e-a-t-s'. Or how he basically goes bezerk at the dog park, but I guess that's what all dogs do.

With my apparently "busy" schedule, it is good to have Hiram around even for just a week to mellow me out. It's nice to know that there's someone waiting anxiously to see me when I walk through my front door.

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