three feet under.

Friday night, on a whim, a bunch of us went up to Whistler . We're lucky, because Ed has a hookup at the Pan. It's an amazing hotel, the room was gorgeous, and it sure beats having to wake up early and making the two hour commute from vancouver before you get your first run in. Anyways, fully intending to get up super early and making 'first tracks', after a few libations, we settled in pretty late.

Saturday morning -- let's just say it was crazy -- snow, more snow, people, more people, and more snow! It's funny because I am generally used to the groomed run, and I've never been in so much powder before. So much so that I found it difficult if I wasn't on a steep slope, I would get stuck and have to dig myself out from under three feet of snow! Anyways, apparently Whistler is on track for breaking snowfall records for January already, which is good business for the resort and good news for all of us who love the mountains so much.

A hot tub and an apres ski later, we headed back into Vancouver where we had a late dinner at Guu with our friend from Toronto. I was so very tired, but I love Guu!

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