2005: looking back, part I

in january, i was lucky that work sent me to london for a new project. it was an exciting trip for me, both work wise and considering it was my first time in europe. the architecture, the customs, the accents -- it was a great experience! the highlight for me was going to the national gallery, and being in awe of being able to see first-hand the work of the masters. i was beside myself when i saw this painting by seurat. it is so neat to think that the work of these artists have stood the test of time.

in february, i went to lauryn's birthday party -- i can't believe how fast my little god daughters are growing up. i ramped up the training for my half marathon in may.

2005 marks my third season of riding. in march i went up to whistler and tried doing a few more jumps, though i think a helmet would still help with me feeling more secure. i received one for christmas from my brother, however we're still going to have to alter the extra large to make it fit...:)

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