merry christmas.

well merry christmas everyone. i hope everyone had a great, restful holiday, lots to eat, received some thoughtful gifts and gave ones that made people smile.

this year was a bit different because it was the first year that rodney has not been 'at home' for christmas morning. christmas tradition at the romero household involves going to church, having a late dinner at our aunt's house, opening up one gift before we go to bed, waking up christmas morning, opening up the rest of the gifts and then lounging around all day until we ate again. this christmas is the first that rodney has been a married young man, so naturally he spent it with his new wife.

so as much as things change, new traditions are born. it was nice to hear my dad sing his solo of 'silent night' at christmas mass. for the past few years, the choir director always gives him that song to sing, and i love it -- my dad has a beautiful voice. it almost has become synonymous with christmas.

i can't believe that 2005 has almost come to an end. it seems such a long year -- so much has happened. because i have such a terrible memory, i thought that i would choose a picture from each month to help remind me of what went on. stay tuned.

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