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I've always been a bit water-phobic. I took swimming lessons as a child, but I have always been scared of drowning. I used to have a recurring nightmare of being in a car as it drove off a bridge, into a river below, being trapped in the car, finally getting out, but not being able to swim well enough to save myself (I wonder what that dream means). Anyways, another resolution is to learn to be a better swimmer, and I think I'm going to try and go swimming more regularly. Tonight was the first night.

On another note, I think that instant messaging is making me a worse writer -- incomplete sentences, writing in phrases similar to how I would speak and not using the correct punctuation are all culprits. You will notice that most of my previous posts were all in lower case, and I do not think this helps the cause, so I'm done with that stylistic bent. Anyways, here's to another resolution in improving my writing!

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