last saturday i finally got around to using the gift certificate that was given to me last year for a spa treatment. i elected to go for the massage because i felt it would help ease some of the stress that i've been feeling lately. i've never really had a professional massage (and i would not count the beachside one that i received in boracay this past summer summer), so i didn't really know what to expect. needless to say i can say that i was pleasantly surprised. the aromatherapy, the music, the mood -- 60 minutes later i was totally relaxed.

the whole experience was really cool. you can go for a swim, a steam, or relax in the relaxation room. a complimentary light meal was served, there was a selection of juices, coffee, tea and a cooling cucumber compress you could use for your head. the spa at the century is a favourite for local visiting celebs (from j.lo to ben), where autographed pictures behind the front desk contributed to me feeling like i truly got the star treatment.

i could certainly get used to a day at the spa!

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