california dreamin'

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
Ive been for a walk
On a winters day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in l.a.
California dreamin
On such a winters day

I've always had a love affair with California. I'm not sure when it started, whether it was the family trips in the van to Disneyland when I was young, or the numerous trips I took in my 20s to the city by the Bay, where I seemed to leave my heart each time. But who doesn't love the "Golden State", from its endless summer days, the Pacific Ocean, to the mythology of a place where one can chase and find their dreams.

We've already hit a record for rainfall in November, and so it was an amazing to be surprised with a trip to San Diego (with a pit stop in Seattle). Knowing that I had to pack a bag and be prepared for anything only added to the excitement. Seaworld and the Zoo were all I remembered of San Diego from when I was a kid, but I knew that experiencing it as an adult would be a different experience. Action packed due to our short stay, we managed to see and do a lot. From the perfect mid 70s weather, to the joggers running on the beach barefoot to driving around in a convertible with the top down -- my romantic notions of California were certainly reinforced.

I think this picture says it me, it was as beautiful as it looks. Even though it's only a collection of pixels, I can still almost feel the setting sun, the ocean breeze on my face, and the water and sand under my feet.



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