ask randy: more clarification

I was reading up on ur recent article explaining about
suit, it does help a lot indeed. But how bout cuff?
Should i go for 3 or 4 buttons cuff?

Honestly, i'm a type of guy without much fashion sense
when it comes to formal wear. Basically, i'm the denim
type of person if u know what i mean. And how come i
pass up on free fashion consultation, if u have the
time, please choose a suit from this online store for
me. Budget and quality wise, they are probably the
most suitable for me at the moment. I can't trust the
staff at store enough so i would rather have a second
opinon first before i buy them.

view link here
I was thinking a grey suit or something. Any advice
will be much appreciated. Cheers.


Hi Mark, thanks for your question. I guess my "ask randy" suit explanation has been very helpful. In terms of 3 or 4 button cuffs, to be honest , it hasn't been a detail that I pay much attention to (i.e. I don't really think it matters as much as say a 3 button vs. a 4 button jacket). I would say however that in general a 4 button cuff is more 'dressy' or more 'formal' than say a 3 button one (i.e. it's all in the details).

I have perused the Mark's and Spencer's site, and from not knowing what the purpose is of wearing your suit, these are my picks:

From the "Collezione Collection"

From the "Essential Collection"

From the "Luxury Collection"

One last tip -- stay away from the machine washable and tumble dry!


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