where are you luggage?

I've been back for almost a week, and I'm still missing my luggage. I only have 1 out of 3 pieces still, and I'm waiting at home between the convenient hours of 6 and 10 waiting for them (ugh!). My Belgian chocolates, my purchases from Meir, and all of my summer clothes, please come back soon. I know British Airways is not 100% to blame, but from the customer service to the inconsistent messages, I'm not that impressed.

Still trying to process everything that happened in Belgium -- what an experience! I've decided to post a few pictures to help me remember everything that happened.

In Belgium, it's all about bread. Our host family was fantastic, with preparing all of our meals each day -- I think we lucked out as our host mom and dad were the best cooks. I knew we had authentic Belgian cuisine because when we went out for dinner in Antwerp, I almost had everything on the menu, prepared with care by our host family.

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