ask randy: peeking turtles.

Hi Randy! It's been a while since anyone has made use of this fabulous service, so I thought I'd pose one for you... Walking around looking for clothes to replenish my basics, my eye caught a glimpse of some turtleneck sweaters prominently displayed in a few stores. That got me thinking... Are turtlenecks for everybody? Or does it only work best on folks with a specific body/neck type? I tried one on, and couldn't make a decision as to whether I liked it or not. Do you have any vague guidelines for what kind of people can make turtlenecks work? Or what kind of people shouldn't wear turtlenecks? I theorized that tall lanky individuals with long skinny necks would be ideal for the turtleneck. But it's only that...a theory. Looking forward to your thoughts on the matter!


P.S....Happy Holidays!

Hey Ernie, thanks for your question. In general, I think you are right about theory -- I prescribe to it myself. If you have a regular or longer neck, you should rock the turtle neck, because well basically, they have more to cover. Myself, I stay away from turtle necks because b) I don't have a neck, but I have a large, thick neck and b) I have a very large head. Remember it is always about proportion -- if you're short and stocky, run from the double breasted suits, and if your neck starts at your shoulders, well stay away from the turtle neck sweater. In the early 90s, there was the advent of the mock neck, which helps the neck-challenged, but please stay away from it if you do not want to date yourself (think Bob Saget in Full House wearing Dockers, a black mock neck and a burgundy mouflon sport coat).

That all being said, I think the turtle neck is a classic piece, and if you feel comfortable and confident, I say go for it. For me, even though I said all of that above, I have the perfect thick wool apres ski turtleneck just for the ocassion...:)

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