without a credit card.

i've always only had one credit card, either a mastercard or a visa. after working in the retail bank for such a long time, i always encouraged my customers who had problems with credit to stick to one card and with a low limit. it just makes things easier to manage with only having one statement, to keep track of purchases etc.

anyways, thanks to the fraud department of visa, they have informed me of some fraudalent charges on my account (i never bought anything in ontario, at least recently). i was very happy that they let me know that this was going on, but they also told me to "go ahead and cut up my card now". the first thing that went through my head was that how am i going to shop on boxing day?!

it's probably a sign that i shouldn't be shopping since given the holiday season, i will get my replacement card in 7 to 10 days...)

other random thoughts:
1. in another life, i would like to come back as the son of a greek shipping magnate.
2. how do i become the 'new face' of a fashion house?
3. i want a 'house'.

ok, i'm being silly. time to go to bed.

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