missed flight (almost).

[pearson international, toronto]
my flight this morning out of heathrow was at 9 am. and me being the ocd freak, i set my wake up call at 5:30. but because i was so paranoid that i wasn't going to wake up, i didn't fall asleep until 2:30. add to that for some reason i have no idea where the remote went to the tv in my hotel room, because i wanted to set that alarm as well. of course i went to set my cell phone alarm too, but that was dead. anyways, i wake up to my wake up call, which was actually 7 am instead of 5:30 am!!! in a panic, i rushed to get ready (luckily i was already packed) and ran downstairs. i was planning to take about a 15 minute cab ride, and then the heathrow express from paddington station, but the concierge assured me that it would be better to go by taxi.

needless to say i made my flight, now just waiting for the last leg of my journey back home. next time, i'll just stay up all night!!!

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