well this weekend we had our first workshop for the new season with my folk dance mentor, rcs. rcs has been instrumental in the group's development, and in my development as an artistic director. generally at the beginning of the season we bring him in to teach us some new pieces or some new research his has learned, and we incorporate these new pieces in our seasonal program. as well we usually bring one of their music leaders to also give a concurrent workshop on the music.

it was a great (albeit tiring) weekend. two full dances of intense rehearsal to say the least. i've been doing this for many years (this is my 12th season), and i can only imagine what the 'newbies' felt. anyways at yesterday's rehearsal, i sort of lost my cool. rcs had lost his voice, and as a result wasn't able to conduct the rehearsal at his usual pace. needless to say, i sort of 'lost my cool', trying to get everyone on the same page. i think some of the newer ones were taken aback by this. in reflection, i felt uneasy by this.

but to understand, i've always had a passion for philippine folk dance. when i was discovering it on my own, i had no one to teach me except the knowledge that my mother and then other dance teachers had. but when i met rudi, i finally met someone that inspired me and had an even greater passion for my folk dances and music. i recognize that this is hard work and that we as a group are priviledged for someone like rcs to be so generous with his material. but most of all his generousity in spirit and his friendship.

that being said, i think i'm going to try and be more patient and better to explain my vision, and i know that this year's show is going to be great.

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