silver drop, dolphin fin, bear rug.

so after threatening to paint for so long (i've been in my condo six years), i finally did it this past weekend. my brother volunteered to help me, and since he was a painter during his college days, i took him up on the offer. anyways after three full days of work, and my 650 square foot apartment still looking like a war zone, random things that i learned from my painting experience are:
  • the best thing i like about home improvement projects is the beer and the pizza (basically throwing my diet out the window). but in my case it was an entire party tray of sushi shared with my bro.
  • painting my loft with 16 foot ceilings is not an easy task
  • scaffolding is a great idea, but a bitch to put up and take down
  • rona offers great service and their employees are very helpful
  • buy the blue painters tape versus the green painters tape -- better quality
  • buy a whole bunch of foam rollers and foam brushes -- washing is not a good idea
  • a dark colour always requires primer even if the colour currently on the wall is a butter cream
  • trading spaces must have staff working behind the scenes -- a team of two with a designer and a part-time carpenter can't do all of that work in two days
  • when using a latex paint use an additive like floetrol to thin the paint and make it last longer (i.e. so it doesn't dry out)
  • silver drop, dolphin fin and bear rug are paint colours

anyways, i'm glad it is done...still a few touch ups to do and put everything back in it's place. will post some pictures soon.

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