12th season.

last week, KP started it's twelveth season...and i can't believe that it has almost been twelve whole years since we started this thing and by all it accounts, is still growing strong. we have a core group of dedicated performing artists, dancers, musicians and volunteers who 'keep the dream' alive. living the life of an artist is both challenging and rewarding, and is an experience that only those who put themselves out there can truly relate to -- the high of an amazing stage performance, the act of putting oneself out there, being emotionally vulnerable for all those to see. this year, i want to push myself as a true artistic director, explore new and interesting choregraphy, putting a new spin on our folk dances while remaining true to their spirit.

in the end, all i've wanted to dance. i'm glad that i've stuck to it. i'm glad that so many people have helped me live my dream.

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