so i'm walking home yesterday from lunch minding my own business, when i noticed this guy walking in front of me. it was raining and not so warm, so i found it kind of weird to see a guy wearing shorts (or maybe i noticed him because he had nice legs :). anyways, i continue to walk behind him and some woman stops him asking him to fill out some survey. i swerved so that i too would not be acosted and i passed the guy, and saw a glimpse of his smile when he said 'no thank you' to the woman. anyways, i would recognize that smile anywhere! it was ben, or should i say scott speedman from one of my favourite shows (no longer on) ! star struck, let's say i changed my path home so that i could catch another glimpse of him. shorter than i thought (apparently they always are), he seemed like a mellow dude just walking down the street, listening to whatever was coming out of his head phones.

for all you who watched felicity: does everyone (including me) have a 'ben'? discuss.

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