well, my birthday came and went. it's funny, for those of you who know me, i am generally psyched for my birthday, but this year, even though i had two (count em', two) parties well attended by my friends, the usual anticipation wasn't really there. as you know, i joke that it always is 'about me', and that it is especially 'about me' on my birthday -- i'm thinking that i've now mellowed out a bit. in a way i might have rather spent a quiet night with a few friends over dinner, or actually a vacation away on my own. i think these feelings go with the general introspective mood i've been in ever since i turned 30.

that all being said, i had a great time at both nights. thanks again to everyone who came out and also to everyone who sent their birthday wishes. i know i've said this before, but i think my next big blow out is going to be my wedding or my 40th...stay tuned.

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