master and commander.

i have always loved the concept of sailing, but i've never really had a real chance to go. i've been on a 'boat' before, but tonight was my first real sailing experience. after some encouragement from kevin, i signed up for a social sailing night at the yc. i didn't really know what to expect, but all i have to say after the first few minutes on the water, and it being a pretty windy day, it was like being in the movie master and commander. imagine the boat almost tipped over on its side, with all of us (a cozy 6) on the other -- very exciting!

the lesson was informal but informative. i learned that i didn't know how to tie any knots, and that i'm not that great at steering the boat just yet (since i sort of exasberated one of the other's nausea). afterwards a few drinks on the patio, which is probably one of the best ones in vancouver (and not just because of its exclusivity), a few cold deep fried cheese sticks and an amazing sunset, it was not too shabby of a way to spend a tuesday night.

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