my mother always told me that people who read a lot are smart. one of earliest memories as a child was our trips to library when i was very little, where we would spend saturday afternoons, picking out my favourites, which include 'curious george' and the like. we would take out 10 or even 15 books, and my mother would read them to me, i could never get enough of books. even better was when my mom become librarian at my school. my mom would remind me on how lucky i was because i would be able to read the books before everyone else, because she would always take them home to give me a sneak peak before they made their way to the shelves for the rest of the school. even after grade school, weekly trips to the library still happened on a regular basis. i think i owe a lot to how well i did in school to that.

however, i'll have to admit though that these days, i'm not a very good reader. i read newspapers, and magazines, but novels, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, or other literary works -- it takes me a long time and they are few and far between. i don't know why the reading bug that my mother planted in me sort of flew away for a while. but now, i've made a conscious effort and i'm back. no, reading books for me won't be as prolific as the number of movies that i've seen, but i've made it a personal goal to always be reading at least one current book. going into a bookstore is especially hard for me with so many choices, but i've realized that i need to pick books that speak to me some how, especially in subject matter, which right now are books with some sort of gay text or subtext. i just finished michael cunningham's book, "a home at the end of the world". while maybe i personally was hopefully looking for a 'hollywood' ending, cunningham's portrait of these the characters is rich and totally engrossing.

...and finally, a book that i've read before i've seen the movie.

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