do you?

i don't know about you, but i rarely cry at movies. when 'rose' watched 'jack' drown in titanic, i was probably the ones in the theatre that did not shed a tear.

i like a romantic story; i would say that i'm in love with romance, the simple story of meeting someone, falling hopelessly in love, an obstacle placed in the way of that love, and in the end, the happily ever after ending. but rarely do i cry in movies with these themes. so after the review from some from friends and reviews that i've read, on a rather melancoly day, i went to see this movie.

the movie, wonderfully acted, beautifully shot, unfolded deliberately and with patience, giving the simple story and its characters a depth and tenderness that i haven't seen in a while. however even though we knew what would unfold at the start, the ending, as sweet and poignant as it was, did not manage to bring out much emotion in me.

reflecting, i thought of the movies that i have shed a tear in. it was that moment between river phoenix and keanu reeves character by the campfire in "my own private idaho". it was during the last exchanges between father and son in "life as a house". it was that intense, fateful moment between kevin spacey and chris cooper's character in "american beauty" in the garage.

i guess a simple love story won't bring a tear to my eye. what will are movies and stories that speak to my experiences in some little way, and in unconventional ways, stirring up emotions that make me wish that i had a tissue in hand.

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