campbell river.

just got back from campbell river, after our performance at the tidemark. overall i would have to say the performance was a success -- the show went off without a hitch, the energy level was high, the audience gave us rave reviews, and want to invite us back every two years! some people were there from victoria and even want us to come and perform in their city within the next year!

most importantly i think the dancers, especially the rookies had a great experience and friendship have definitely formed. one of the hardest things with the dance group is that things always inevitably change, people come and people go, so it was definitely good to see the makings of the next crop of dancers starting to emerge.

i was lucky to stay with the de los reyes' again in campbell river. no, this is not a post card, but in fact a picture of their garden, from their house which overlooks the ocean. i'll post more pictures later.

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