after months (actually more like a year of threatening) i've finally sold my car. since i only walk to work, and can get around almost everywhere by foot, by transit or by taxi, i found that i was only using my car once a week. given maintenance, parking, gas, etc., i could not really justify the cost. as well, i've never really been a car person. i do not enjoy driving all that much, especially when i have to be somewhere at a certain time. however i will certainly miss the convenience that having a car brings -- being able to visit a friend on the other side of town, making a jaunt to ikea or costco by myself, or heading up to cypress after work for some riding in the winter.

i plan to join the car co-op -- i know several people that have joined, and it seems to work out for them. of course it is not exactly the same as the luxury of owning your own car, but at least i'll have access to one when i need one. there is actually one parked right by my house!

i truly am a downtown guy now!

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