random olympic thoughts.

I'm behind on these random thoughts, but I really enjoyed the Olympics, at least watching it on T.V. I can't believe it's going to be in our own backyard in less than four years. I wonder if I'll be able to catch any of the events live!

Anyways, my random Olympic thoughts. There are straight men in skating, however they usually complete in Pairs or Ice Dance. The gays, well they are single skaters. If they are straight single skaters, well then they're "athletic" and "good jumpers". If they are gay, well then they are "artistic" or "pushing the boundaries" or are "extremely flexible"...:)

Also, the Vancouver 2010 portion of the Closing ceremonies in Turin, well, were a cliche. I've never gone ice fishing, and while we certainly love hockey, note to organizers of the opening and closing ceremonies for Vancouver -- we have other ways of entertaining other than Cirque du Soleil. I guess they do have four years to prepare, but I hope that like Turin, the ceremonies will reflect and have a distinct Vancouver and West Coast flavour.


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