Friday night, I went up to Whistler with Cristina, where we met Veejay et al and hung out. it is certainly nice to get away from the city, especially after a busy week. It was also cool to think that in less than four years, the Olympics are going to be here. I can only imagine how crazy it is going to be in Whistler/Vancouver during that time.

We were warned in advance that it was going to be extremely cold, and yes, it was (read -19 degrees celcius at the peak). However as the picture below sort of captures, it is sure nice to be up in dem mountains on a clear day. Too bad that the mountain was a vertical ice-rink in some points. However, as I always say a day on the slopes is always fun!

After apres ski, my brother and I were on the search for the elusive helmet. For those of you who know me, I have an extremely large head, which makes wearing hats, caps and helmets very difficult. After four seasons of riding, I finally found one that fit my head...I'm stoked!

Sunday morning we had a lovely breakfast at the fabulous local French crepery (sp?), and then proceeded to make our way back to Vancouver for Sunday's rehearsal. It was certainly very "weekend warrior" of all of us, since the crew that was up in Whistler all made it back in time for rehearsal. With the Belgium tour coming up, there is certainly a lot of work to do!

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