ask randy: what colour?

Dear Personal Imagineer,

I'm looking for a new pair of shoes, something that will be dressy enough
for 'business-casual' wear, and ideally could still go well with a pair of
nice jeans. Is this loony? Having long embraced your view that "brown is
the new black", I already have a pair of brown, square-toed shoes, so I'd
like to get something a little different. What do you recommend?

Signed: Looking For Dressy, But Not Too Dressy, Shoes (LOFOD BUNOTODS)

Thanks for your question. The short answer is, well get another pair of brown shoes...:) Try different shades -- chocolate brown, medium brown, hey, why not get crazy, get tan!?! If you must, try a pair of low profile black slip ons, something a bit more interesting than a lace-up. And remember we want to have a similar colour story between the pants and the shoes, so basically what I am saying is that when I hear 'business-casual', I think most men think about their khaki pants (i.e. 'Dockers' or the death of north American sportswear). Basically black shoes and light pants equals fashion mediocrity. Black shoes and a light-weight pair of charcoal grey pants or a dark indigo wash denim, I say go for it!

Straight (and fashion challeneged) men of the world -- follow the cue of women all around the world -- you can have more than one pair of fabulous shoes in the same colour.

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