ask randy: the pink dress shirt.

I have an "Ask Randy" question: Is the "pink dress shirt" a fad that I should stay away from or should it be a staple of a male's wardrobe. Do you have any suggestions on how to wear pink and any examples of websites? Keep in mind I am of very dark complexion so I don't know if I can pull it off that well. Thank you Randy.

DJ John

Thanks John for your question...a very good question i might add. I think pink is still en vogue, but generally we should make it a bit more interesting than just your plain pink cotton broadcloth and matching tie (a la Regis on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire in 1999). What I would say is that you should go for texture in general in a pink dress shirt, with an interesting weave or tonal pattern. In general, to make it not look so severe, I would not pair it up with a dark pant or suit, but rather make it look more interesting with a lighter grey or even a tan. Also, chocolate looks fabulous with pink! Check out this website for some ideas...

That all being said, it is fall, and I generally would stay away from pink until the spring -- but since you live in California, I don't know if it makes a difference...:)

Finally as far as a person with a darker complexion wearing pink -- I generally don't subscribe to such rules. If you feel comfortable and confident in rocking pink, I say go for it -- always remember that you wear the clothes, don't make the clothes wear you

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