ask randy: what to wear to a panel discussion.

Dear Randy,

I have been invited to participate as a speaker/presenter in a panel discussion (topic:Sacred Traditions: Aesthetics, Community and Cultural Significance) as part of Bindlestiff Studio's Alamat Project. Though the topic itself is not an issue (I am very much looking forward to it), I find myself in a sartorial bind. Randy, what should one wear when speaking in events such as these? I want my intellectual side expressed without looking stodgy and old fashioned. I want to make a statement without the clothing distracting from the topic at hand.

Thanks for your advice!!!


Dear LaraGitara,

Thanks for your question -- my very first question for this column, 'Ask Randy'! It sounds like you're looking to convey a sense of intelligencia, but at the same time, looking fabulous doing it! What I'm feeling is:

- a smart black turtle neck sweater, with a cut that's close to the body but not tight
- chandelier earrings to express playfullness and femininity
- a pair of heather grey dress slacks, with some fullness at the bottom
- fabulous black boots with a heel
- tie your hair back, in a chignon
- reading glasses if you wear them (if not, borrow some!)
- an ivory wrap for extra fabulousness, and to transition you to drinks afterwards!

Good luck!


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