i've realized that i've rarely put stuff that's personal on here. i do talk about my life, but i rarely talk about how i feel inside and things that i'm struggling with. i think what you generally read (and thanks for reading) is an edited version of myself, my best foot forward so to speak.

here i go...

dating is hard. putting yourself out there is hard. people wonder why i don't go on more dates, why i don't have a boyfriend, and i want to tell them that it's not without trying. i was on a third date tonight and things have been going well. he told me that i'm attractive, that i'm a nice guy, smart, etc., and then he follows all of that up with that while he enjoys hanging out with me, he doesn't like me in that way.

i've made a conscious effort to put myself out there, and this is what i seem to get for my initiative. i mean i know that i am learning more and more about the person that will be eventually right for me through these experiences, but sometimes going through stuff like this can be tough. so tough that in a way i've become immune.

this journey, while not unique, can certainly seem so solitary.

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