day 1.

ok, at the risk of being called a slacker by gary, i better get this post up. probably better to do it sooner than later because i have a terrible memory, so i'll try and get all of my thoughts down.

so woke up pretty early and wasn't feeling too hot because the day before, it was our company's big five year anniversary party, so it was a fun but late night of partying. i cleaned up my place since lauren and rudi were going to stay with me, and then michelle and kathy picked me up, where we proceeded to go to the airport to pick up the rental vans to take all of the likhettes around town. of course since there was so much going on that week, we went to the wrong rental car place, and went into the bowels of richmond to pick up the two matching red caravans. better though because soon enough, all of likha was waiting for us to take them to richmond sushi, where we all got reacquainted. it was pretty loud at our tables, so i knew from that point on that it was going to be a fun, fun weekend. i love when we all get together.

from there, we all went back to kathy's place, where we dropped off all of likha's stuff, and then since lauren was tired, i took him home and like our normal ritual, rudi and i went to the fabric store to get some last minute things. it always great to see rudi's creative mind work, in how he can take a piece of fabric and invision it to be something great!

at around 7 o'clock, we all met back at the 501 for some food and drink, courtesy of josephine's. it is a sign of a great party when there is a buzz in the air due to conversation and laughter, and this was certainly the case of this night. the ice-breaker was fun, especially for the new peeps to get to know the old peeps and vice-versa. but certainly the highlight for me was hearing kp and likha rondalla rehearse in the TV room. seriously i get chills just thinking about it. it was amazing.

there was some drama that ensued (i'll block it out of my mind), but thank goodness we capped off the night with us tearing up the dance floor at celebrities. i'm becoming an old fart too, but i was able to boogie down a little bit. seriously, the 'dance-offs' or i think they call them 'battles' between kp and likha were priceless.

the clock striked 12:45 and rudi and i went home. i did a bit of last minute work for friday/saturday and proceeded to gossip as usual, and when i couldn't even open my eyes anymore, i fell fast asleep.

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