toronto weekend 1 - recap.

so, what's been going on -- well, i would have to say alot over here. i'm still adjusting to this working yet thinking i'm on vacation schedule, and as a result, i've gotten a pretty bad cough and cold. anyways, here's my update:

thursday night
aimee picked me up, and then we travelled to downtown oakville where we had a really nice dinner at the rude native...the food was pretty good, but don't order this seafood thing that looks like a candelabra (just ask aim).

during our lunch hour, liezel and i headed to the was gorgeous, though lake ontario will not make me forget the pacific ocean!

went out for dinner with aimee again, this time in missisauga, and then went to the local multiplex (it was huge!) where we looked to laugh at witty dialogue (a la the O.C.) but were mildly disappointed. maybe it is because it's been a long time since we've been there.

work up with a sore throat (uh oh), then headed out with aimee downtown to do a bit of shopping and to meet sheldon at work. it was a gorgeous day, and i would have to say that there were gorgeous people out and about. even though bloor (street) is spelled like floor it doesn't sound like it (pronounced BLURE), we checked out all the shops. sheldon was off a bit early, so we were able to hangout before dinner like old times. met his friends at linda's, this very cool thai restaurant (it's all about thai here). a few beverages later, we all headed to fashion cares, held at the metro toronto convention centre. it was crazy, tonnes of fashionistas, and the not so fashionable, all ready to watch the show hosted by linda evangelista and featuring the headliner, patti labelle! my pictures turned out pretty dark, so here are some other pictures from the day.

...was as it should be. had a lazy day, it was beautiful outside, and found my way to a patio in the gay ghetto. it was nice to relax. wandered around down town until i had to pick up bill from the airport.

a busy weekend it was -- so action packed that i think it's what made my sore throat turn into this awful cold!

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