swan-e-set & playa paraiso.

i guess i should say that i'm lucky, but i'm the type of guy that gets invited to like eight million weddings a year. okay, well maybe not that many but at least 3 or 4. after being to more weddings than i count, i hate to say it, but the novelty has kind of worn off, but perhaps this is coloured by my own perceptions of love and relationships, which is of course not fair to the couple who invited me to share in their special day.

yesterday, i had two very good childhood friends that got married, both of whom i've known over twenty years -- michelle, a classmate since elementary school got hitched in mexico on the mayan riviera and kim, my next door neighbour and my brother's childhood sweetheart at the beautiful swan-e-set country club in pitt meadows. of course the setting was gorgeous, the decor tasteful, the food delicious and the bride was beautiful. the favourite part of every wedding for me is always the speeches, especially the ones delivered from the couple's parents and family. i love the honesty and the humour that comes out, especially if it is coloured with a filipino accent and the indeliberate comedy that only a mom and or dad can deliver.

needless to say, it was good to check my cynicism at the door and be witness to the beginning of something that is special, extraordinary and truly a gift. congratulations michelle & dino! congratulations kim & j.c.!

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