whew, friday!

i'm glad that it's friday, and especially the friday of a long weekend. i seem to be going a million miles a minute these days, between work, kp and other commitments that it is starting to catch up to me. part of this also is that i've been preparing to go away to toronto for work which is an exciting prospect since it is going to be my first real business trip. even though i know i will be busy there, it'll be good to get away from here for a while to gain some perspective. insight seems to come to me when i'm in a different place.

an added bonus is that i'll be able to hook up with sheldon and other friends to catch up and have some good times. word has it that sheldon was able to hook us up with tickets to this. it looks like all the fashionistas are going to be out in full force considering linda (still one of my favourite models) is hosting and patti labelle is one of the headliners.

i hope to post often.

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