scenes from toronto.

a few shots from my trip...i keep on forgetting to take more, even though i have this nifty new camera!

went out for drinks with bill and sheldon -- i think this is a great shot. most 'cool' places in toronto seem to be in old houses with the bathroom in the basement. this was taken from the patio outside.

this is a picture of steven mccarthy, bill's cousin. he is an accomplished actor (even though he's in this film) -- mark my words, this picture is going to be worth something someday because he's going to be famous!

trying out some of the filters on this new digital. a great picture of aim.

picture of city hall. i think bill is right -- it does look like a urinal!

the obligatory picture of the chum city building, home of much music

from the side of a building in the gay ghetto. this is not your father's beer.

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