random thoughts about torontonians.

a few other things about torontonians, and their loves...

1) they love tim horton's, and i mean love. so much so that a lot of them have drive throughs and huge line ups. also, if someone asks you to get them a double double, it's not a move on the basketball court.

2) they love pizza pizza. unlike vancouver, which is all about the 93 cent pizza joint on every corner downtown, over there they love this place. orange is king.

3) they love shoppers. there is no such thing as london drugs here. like the two stores above, they are on every corner it seems. however nobody can beat london drugs, not even shoppers for me. where other place on earth you can go in for shampoo and come out with some flat panel speakers for your computer (me!!!).

4) starbucks is not king -- there is a second cup on every corner. the question that i ask is -- who wanted the "first" cup?

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