stag recap.

i'm still on a high from the weekend, rodney's stag weekend...i think it was a fun time had by all. because what happens in shuswap, 'stays in shuswap' (right boys???) here is an edited recap of some memorable moments.

1. renaming our boat from the 'joanne marie' to the 'ss oriental'
2. 10 flats of beer and the hard liquor all gone by the end of the trip
3. the fabulous food prepared by our chef, veejay. highlight was the steak and prawn dinner on saturday night!
4. being pulled around in an inner tube by the sea-do and driving the sea-do
5. catching a trout
6. the fireworks on nielsen (nelson?) beach -- it was like the symphony of fire
7. moving our boat to be beside the MILFs, but then ending up partying on the boat that we were originally beside
8. the hot tub
9. a bunch of grown men carrying sparklers and running around the beach screaming at the top of their lungs
10. face-painting
11. attempting to perform a forward dive off the boat
12. rodney wearing an apron and carrying a spatula...:)

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