ok so it's been a while since i've posted. i have been thinking about so many things and wanting to post about so many things however computer access has been limited so i haven't been able to. anyways this certainly has been an enlightening trip. it has been almost 13 years since my last visit to the philippines, and i think the most important thing that i learned is that during this time, i thought that i was certainly 'in touch' with my culture. but i realized that just because i dance and teach filipino folk dance does not mean that i am 'in touch'. in a way, i have idealized what it means to be filipino, what it means to live in the philippines, and how certainly different it is from living in north america.

before i left, i had to take a balikbayan box much to my chagrin. i even had to move stuff from the box to my regular suitcase. i really thought why do i have to bring all of this stuff, especially when i thought that they had all of it in the PI. but no. every little thing that i brought, from the chocolates to the pistachio nuts, to the bedsheets, the totally cherished. i felt stupid for not wanting to bring anything back.

anyways, on one of the first nights i went out to the baywalk, which is on roxas boulevard in manila to hear some live bands and have a night out. it was so great to hear live music, music that i related too, mostly covers, 'live' of some of my favourites. the bands were fabulous, i sang along, and had a few too many.

i am bringing back some OPM (Original Pilipino Music) to remember that night for sure.

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