so this is my last day in boracay, and what can i say? first of all, whatever i write down won't do this place justice. you'll have to check back when i post my pictures up...

after the hustle and bustle of manila, the congestion, the traffic and the tonnes and tonnes of people, it was nice to finally get to boracay. the sand is white, the water is warm and clear, the sun is bright and the sky is blue. most of my days here were spent relaxing on the beach, eating, reading my book, a few boat trips around island and some snorkling. snorkling among the coral reefs was a highlight, seeing brightly coloured tropical fish swim right up to me and with me.

even with the sunscreen, i got pretty burnt, but the redness has turned into a browner me. i've begun to mix in with the locals and get asked less and less if i want to buy a pair of sunglasses or a watch.

i really learned something about myself since i've been here. i always tend to look at my neighbors lawn -- the grass is always greener over there it seems. when in vancouver i often joke by saying i'd like to leave my life and live on the beach and surf (even if i don't know how). however after a few days of paradise, i longed for my own bed and the comforts of the first world.

be content, be in the moment, be in the present -- this is what is real.

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