this weekend, i got my passport renewed and went back to surrey...:). before when we used to rehearse in surrey, i would make my way home every weekend. now, especially since we are on a break, i hardly make it out here. this weekend, i packed my bags and stayed out with my dad, did all the last minute errands for my trip and today we have the cast party for our most recent show. it's funny that even though when i'm downtown i am constantly surrounded by people, i can certainly feel like an island sometimes. when i come back home, everything slows down a bit, and not much has changed. rodney's painting the house, my dad has bought some nifty new curtains, but for the most part, my childhood home and the neighborhood remains the same. it's comforting, it's good to reconnect, it's good to take a breath.

the funny thing is, i know that tonight and everytime i see the glass and the mountains that frame downtown when i'm on my way back 'home', i exhale.

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