donatella versace.

ok, been remiss with the posts...what's been going on -- lots of stuff it seems. antonio, my friend who moved to singapore last year was in town for his brother's wedding, so i spent a couple of days hanging out with him. we went to shabusen for lunch on his birthday, for their famous lunch buffet. it seems though that as my tastes mature, i am not so down with the "all you can eat" -- however you can't complain about $12.95 for lunch.

anyways, i finally met his cousins from italy, mauro and fabio -- they were great. they also let me 'practice' my italian (i.e. donatella versace, giorgio armani, dolce gabanna :)). let's just say i'm in love with the italian language -- it sounds so melodic. i'm planning a trip to europe next year, so i'll definitely try and pay them a visit, especially since fabio lives in rome.

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