touch typing.

well, first reviews are in...the design of the G4 is definitely sleek and hot. the fact that mac's o/s is built on unix alone is definitely it's best selling feature for me. i love the fact that you can just fire up the terminal window and SSH into wherever you want and have command line access. This alone is worth it for me.

however, i guess i would be called a windows power user, knowing all of the keyboard shortcuts. These are all second nature to me. the whole command/apple key is new, and is something i will have to learn and get used to. expose is throwing me off. it's like i'm learning how to touch type all over again and it's not pretty...:)

but for those of you who know me, will also know besides it being just more of a new tool for me to learn and a new toy, i'm very excited to go to a cafe somewhere to work on it just like carrie (i know, i'm a loser).

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