drop offs.

it's been such a bad season for snow, which is one of the reasons why i haven't gone up as much, but yesterday i finally got up to whistler with shawn. this is my third season in, and i set up a goal of learning how (or at least attempting) to do more tricks. however conditions weren't optimal -- it was very icy at times, and it was almost like navigating an obstacle course with all of the rocks. however i did manage to attempt a few drop offs as they're called, and a few jumps. without a cloud in a sky, it was a gorgeous day and i've certainly decided that being up on the mountain when it is 'bad', is always good. we brought two cameras up so i'll post up some of these soon. .

when we went back into the village, i attempted again to find a helmet to fit my head. of course those of you who know me know that i have a hefty size skull. so when the salesperson called around other stores to find a double XL, it was kind of embarassing when he yelled over to me across the whole store to say that they had a double XL at the store across the street.

i did check that store out, but let's just say i'm still looking...:)

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