on thursday afternoon, liezel and i headed to leicester square where we picked up some half price tickets to see chicago. it's been a while since i've been to the theatre, vancouver or otherwise, so it was great to see a show in london's theatre district, the famed west end. it was an amazing show -- definitely worth it. the theatre though old had a lot of charm and was packed. as a director i always look at the staging and things that i can incorporate into my show, so i definitely got some ideas.

the cool thing about the whole experience is that the theatre in london does not seem as 'high' brow as in vancouver -- it is just the thing that people do here. people were having things like ice-cream and chocolate bars, just like we do when we go to see a movie at a north american multi-plex.

before the show, we went out for dinner at rules, the oldest restaurant in london. can you imagine, it was opened in 1798! the restaurant is older than canada! anyways, it was neat to eat at a restaurant that had so much history. former patrons such as king edward VII and charles dickens even have rooms named after them.

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