movie set.

so what are my second thoughts? well, i've decided that the whole of central london is like a movie set. it's almost as if a director is going to yell 'cut' as i'm walking down the street. seriously -- the buildings and the architecture is almost picture perfect. as bill puts it, the country has been around for almost 2000 years and has been ruling the world for almost 500 of those years and it definitely shows. the sophistication that oozes from the heart of this city is unparalleled to anything that i've experienced. maybe this is what all of europe of is like. maybe i'm just unsophisticated.

random thoughts:
- if the elevators are side by side, they will work how the traffic flows on the roads
- i thought that i walked fast, but when i walk the streets of london, i feel like i'm in the way of everyone whizzing past
- don't do the conversion from pounds to dollars when you're buying stuff
- the indian food here is good however i don't know if it is necessarily better than vancouver
- my best fashionista outfit is what people wear here everyday
- when you're ordering a regular coffee, you need to ask for it to be white if you don't want it black
- service is generally bad (or should i say not as good as in vancouver), and when dining out they still add a tip. next time you see me, ask me about my 'soup' experience

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