first thoughts.

okay, so we arrived safely here in london. i used to not believe what people said about jet lag, but i certainly experienced now first hand. i ended up falling asleep at around 9 pm london time, and woke up thinking it was close to 7 when in fact it was only 12:30 am. anyways, after tossing and turning i ended up falling to sleep at 3:30 am -- needless to say i was a bit late to meet my colleague this morning. anyways, i'm going to try my best to stay up as late as possible tonight.

well, i was right -- i am overwhelmed by everything -- the fashion, the architecture, the history, the food, everything. metrosexuals are everywhere -- let's just say i can not tell the difference right now. lovely places to eat on narrow cobblestone streets where fabulous londoners either eat in or take out it seems. men wearing the latest fashion not because they are working in fashion but just because they are fashionable.

random thoughts and things i have learned:
- elevators are called lifts
- places are available 'for let' not 'for rent'
- bring a north american power adaptor
- tv shows begin on the quarter hour
- news anchors sound smarter on the BBC
- read the road before you cross the street
- asking someone where the washroom will be returned with puzzled gaze
- try not to do the conversion from pounds to dollars when you are buying stuff
- getting a cafe latte from the chinese barista and you don't understand a word he's saying because of his english accent vs. chinese accent is something i will have to get used to
- i am NOT in fashion here -- a few seasons behind

a view from the plane...

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