show in prince rupert.

if any of you live in prince rupert, my dance company is having a couple shows in prince rupert next weekend. this year, we did not have a big show, but wanted to concentrate on tours, first with the one in campbell river and now with a couple shows in prince rupert, at the performing arts centre. this is the first time that we are travelling to a city by plane where the sponsoring organization is footing the bill plus our honoraria -- this is a big deal and certainly a big undertaking for any organization, big or small. there will be 31 of us travelling in all so it will certainly be an experience to remember, especially for the rookies. i'm getting a bit nervous as the show has not completely "come together", with all of the re-casting and new numbers added to the show's repertoire. but again everytime i feel nervous, i believe in the process, and that the hardwork and rehearsal will ensure everything will run as smoothly as possible. it is truly up to the dancers and musicians then to 'step up' their game and take all the preparation that i've helped them with and truly shine in these shows, which i know they can do.

that doesn't mean i still don't get nervous.:)

anyways, here are posters from the upcoming show, gala, and matinee -- spread the word to your friends in that region, if you know anyone (though i think the tickets might already be sold out!)

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