wedding weekend.

before i forget, i should jot down a few lines about this weekend, which was tye and yolande's wedding in kelowna. all in all, it was different from the more traditional filipino weddings that i have been to, but it was a wonderful experience to be in kelowna and the okanagan valley, one of the most beautiful places in b.c. for sure (and there are many).

drove up with mori and ali. i've realized that i'm not really into long driving that much -- kelowna is far! almost four and half hours away from downtown vancouver. the drive was nice though, even with the length. as soon as we got there, we met up the rest of the gang at jason's place and then headed over to mike's parent's place literally three doors down. it is cool meeting your friend's parents -- you learn alot about them and why they are the way they are.

got up later instead of early, and got ready to go to the lougheed compound in peachland, about 40 minutes or so from where we were. because we were responsible and there was an open bar, we all climbed into a taxi. the taxi driver was scarwee, and looked like he just came out of jail and had been there since the 1970s. anyways, we arrived safe and sound at the lougheeds, the site of the wedding. a beautiful tent decorated to the nines, and the ceremony area situated so that there was a beautiful view of the mountains. all i have to say is that the house was beautiful, and that it had a guest house. when i grow up, i want a guest house :). highlights of the reception included shawn and ian's rendition of bonnie tyler's "total eclipse of the heart" -- it was classic and scary at the same time, and pete, mike and the groom himself laying down a few fiecre sets on the tables. with no bartender and an open bar, you know that a crazy party would ensue. the night ended with a bus charter bringing all of us crazies back to kelowna -- a city bus with an actual happy bus driver that put up with our shenanigans, being refused service at the mcdonalds drive thru, and invading a local mac's where we bought almost all of the chips and microwaved burritos money (or i should say pete) could buy. we all ended up partying at jason's until the wee hours -- crazy, crazy crazy!

woke up nursing our hangovers, we went over to rod's parent's house. built in the early 1980s, this house was a testament to what good design means, and what it means is that good design lasts. beautiful and modern, the macinnes' are avid art collectors, owing wonderful work including a few shadbolts (from the group of 7). oh and the house is also right on the lake, with its own private dock with boat. ah, one day. :)

pictures coming soon.

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