well this past weekend was the big pride weekend in vancouver. the past few years i haven't made it to the actual parade (only the events before and after), but this year i made it a point to make sure that i went. as one of the last parades around (i don't even think they have a parade for the pne anymore), it was very well attended and everyone was in a festive mood. even though the parade was a bit long in some parts, and some entries were more exciting than others, i think it is important for public ocassions such as these to express who we are, where we've come from and where we are going.

i would have to say as a general observation that this new generation coming up might not be able to identify with say the leather bears or dykes on bikes, as they, or all of us experience equality in our own microcosims. on the way home after the parade, tonnes of 'us' were out and about, of different colours, styles, shapes and sizes. while waiting for a crosswalk to turn green, an older man, came up to me and commented that 'they are all going to die of their sickness', not realizing that i was one of 'them'.

acceptance and love is a long way off. we need to support the parade and the parade we march in our everyday lives. it's certainly not an easy journey for me sometimes, but i think that's what it means to be proud.

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