pas de bourrée

even though i am director/choreographer of a filipino folk dance company, and have been 'dancing' all my life, good or bad, i have never had any formalized dance instruction. i guess up to this point, my passion has only been for the folk arts. however, over the last few years i have become more and more intrigued by the prospect of expanding my dance horizons, by taking some ballet classes/and or even some modern. i have always felt (through observing some of my dancers who have taken ballet), that ballet is of course the language of dance and can be extended to all forms of dance, including folk.

well, after thinking and saying, tonight, i actually took my first dance class, an intro ballet class with wiL and celine. i guess it was obvious that i was new (even though wiL and celine i did great for my first time), because our instructor did her best to single me out...:). i did not care because i am used to instructing role, and it was great to have the roles reversed. it felt exactly like the movie "center stage", people of all different skill levels and ages, a great atmosphere, a great workout, and overall a great feeling of accomplishment that i was able to begin to move my body in more a classical way.

needless to say, i loved it and will be definitely back for more next week. however, so i won't get picked on again, i better brush up on my french and these ballet terms.


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