season end.

whoa, just came back from a weekend up at whistler with shawn, ed + bobby. with sunny skies and not a cloud in the sky, the day on blackcomb was epic. i wasn't so used to the snow being so soft, and thus i found it a bit slippery. the other guys have been skiing and riding for years, so i was pretty happy with myself because except for a minor spills, i was able to keep toe to toe with the guys, even when they were going full tilt.

in february, when i was up with aimee, we remarked on how we would like to stay at the pan pacific lodge, which is right at the base of the blackcomb gondola. thanks to ed and his friend scott, we got a sweet hookup with a gorgeous two bedroom suite. with two hot tubs and a pool, we took full advantage of the weather and these amenities. at night, it seemed like the planets were aligned because roger sanchez was spinning at tommy africa's. the room was packed, and a bit too hot (read: sweaty guys touching you in a place with low ceilings -- usually a good thing, but not that night), but it was good to hear some good beats. we ended up heading back to the hotel a bit early, which was a good thing since i was pretty tired from the day.

sunday was spent having brunch in the sun on a patio, a little more of the hot tub/pool action at the hotel, and after a couple of margaritas later on the loho (read: longhorn) patio, we headed back down to van.

ah, the good life -- that's certainly what i had a taste of this weekend. can't wait to go up again next season.

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