Givenchy and YSL.

I was told by my friends that I had to see the Eiffel Tower at night, so I made my way on one of those Seine boat tours. I got off near the Tower, and looked for a place to eat. I stumbled down some street and almost stopped in my tracks when I saw what looked to be more than just a storefront of Givenchy. A few feet down the block stood YSL. On this block of course there were fabulous restaurants with the obligatory patio, as well as a a very good looking "fashion" crowd (no "bo-bo's" here, i.e. bohemian bourgeosis, which seems to be the look here in Paris). I had to eat here. Maybe I would see Galliano.

However when I checked the menu prices, I decided to move on, because they didn't fit my "freedom 35" budget.

I settled on a fabulous Italian restaurant, just another block down a side street. I mean I must be on vacation, croissants everyday for breakfast and then pasta for dinner? I love this town. I love how civilized it is, even with suit wearing men riding scooters, parked anywhere on the sidewalk, wherever there is a open spot. I love how the women wearing heels have no trouble navigating the cobblestone streets, eating cheese and bread every day. I love how my seat on the patio is basically on the street, as the people passing by on the sidewalk can smell my food and someone almost hit me with a big Hermes bag. I love that everyone calls me Monsieur everytime I go to a restaurant. I love that this restaurant seems to be filled with regulars, as many of them are greeted by the owner with kisses on the cheek.

By the way, my meal was great. I don't think I've had a bad meal yet in Pairs. I also got some great night shots of the Eiffel Tower, I'll post them as soon as I get back to Vancouver. I think you'll love them too.

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